Solar for Utility Companies and Oil and Gas

Our Solar power solutions for the oil and gas industry are cost-effective, reliable systems that can control the assets of multi-million dollar operations. Our proven solar systems have the capability to be deployed by some of the world’s largest Oil and Gas Companies.

We are relied on to provide solutions that power SCADA equipment, remote telemetry (RTU), seismic equipment, remote measurement, cathodic protection, valve control, injection pumps, and many other applications.

Solar energy applications have been recently introduced on a large scale in the Middle East to save energy, maximise efficiency and optimise production cost. The region has seen massive investments in solar power, especially in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. The proven applications of harnessing solar power in recent years for remote sensing and monitoring systems, gas automation systems, flow measurement, cathodic protection of equipment and pipelines. Recent successful projects by DEWA, PDO, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Chevron, Masdar and KOC have encouraged the governments of these countries to increase business in the solar industry and capitalise on the massive availability of free solar power in this region.

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