Atlas Power Solutions is one of the Atlas Group companies, a key player in the Middle East region since 1983. We build robust and reliable solutions to provide a foundation for strong and efficient businesses, with power being our sole focus.

We offer a wide range of power products and solutions, both commercial and mission-critical, including standby power system, backup generator, portable generator, powering tool, cleaning power, Hybrid Energy, Power management, Rectifier, Inverters, Converters, UPS, Batteries, Bi Fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) Generators and Green Initiative which meets the environmental requirement for Cleaner Energy and lower carbon foot print.

Our skilled team, along with our partnerships with world leaders in the power manufactur-ing industry and our substantial investment in new technology all serve to ensure our customers with solutions and services to exceed their expectations.

We deliver reliable services with the capacity to undertake implementation, preventive maintenance and tailored support services and maintenance to suit customer needs. In the unlikely event of breakdown of your power equipment, our team of highly skilled and fully equipped engineers is available on request to respond to your emergency. Our customers, suppliers and partners will attest that we are also committed to fostering trusting relationships.

Green Initiative

We provide solutions using renewable energy to power your life. Leaving a lower carbon print, lower amounts of pollution and a greener environment to make the earth better for generations to come.



Customizing special power solutions to best match the customers’ requirements, be it a special power generation unit, a hybrid solution for remote areas or renewable energy.



Aiming to serve customers with their day to day life, we provide a wide range of products to best suit your needs, and to resolve all your personal and business power requirements.


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